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Surveying That's Always Precise

You depend on a survey to make sure you stay within the specified area for all types of construction-related projects. Being off the mark by just a foot could be a costly mistake. ETW Surveying provides clients in Tyler, Texas, and surrounding areas with detailed boundary and topography surveys. Rely on us to be accurate with all mapping for your project.

We Respect Boundaries

You have decided to invest in a parcel of land. The best way to make sure you pay for land that is the size specified is to have a boundary survey performed. A land survey is not required for this type of transaction. However, when you apply for an investment loan, the lender or bank will usually require a survey.

Even if you do not need a loan to purchase the property, a survey is a good idea. It helps accurately mark your property's boundaries so that you know where to build a structure or fence, if you choose. Land surveys can take hours or days depending on the size of the lot and the foliage on it.

Before conducting a survey, we provide you with a bid. If we turn in a bid and they survey ends up taking longer than expected, we will stand by our bid.

We also do title surveys for the purpose of mortgage loan qualification. If you decide to buy a house on a lot in a subdivision, we accurately map the lot. The bank needs this information to determine if it will provide you with a mortgage.

Wooden Fence

Every Feature Is Identified

Prevent foundation and other structural damage with a pre-construction topographical survey. This type of survey provides a contour map of the property and identifies features, drains, ditches, low-lying hills, etc. An engineer can use the results of a topographical survey to determine drainage in a proposed residential subdivision.

Oil & Gas Surveys

Before you start leasing land for oil and gas exploration, survey it to make sure that you get the most from it. This type of survey involves staking wells, pipelines, access roads, or anything else to help you achieve the optimum results.