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Staking & Elevation Services That Prevent Problems

The last thing you want is to start building and discover that you are doing it in the wrong place. To avoid this type of embarrassing and costly issue, ETW Surveying of Tyler, Texas, provides construction staking. We also do inspections and provide elevation certificates to verify your property is not in a flood zone.

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Sticking to the Plans

Build any kind of structure in the correct place with the help of construction staking. This service involves staking out or marking the exact location according to the project's design plans. Construction staking makes sure that roads, curbs, gutters, houses, and even strip malls are being built in the right place. This service is especially beneficial for:

• Municipalities - State or Local
• Landowners
• Developers
• Engineering Companies

Staying above Floodwaters

You may have to pay high premiums for flood insurance or you may be denied coverage if you cannot verify the elevation of your property or development. If you buy a house on a lake, the insurance company may need paperwork to show that everything is above flood elevation. We inspect your property, survey it to determine its location in respect to flood zones, and provide you with an elevation certificate. Based on our findings, your certificate can be used to receive lower rates on your property insurance.